Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Women were made for community, for connection, to succeed in all ways - in family, business, schools, and personal circles.  We are a community whose mission is to mentor, inspire, build up, and connect women who want to cheer for other women.


Every woman is an expert in her field.  Women's Connection 2020 was born from the notion that women need to hear from other women, to be authentic and intentional in finding mentors and mentoring others, to listen to that expert inside each of us, who has wisdom to share.  This advice from these powerful mentors will springboard women to success in her home, marriage, vocation and profession. Women were made for community, connection, and joy! Let's connect to spread joy today.  We look forward to hearing your story and learning together.

WHY 2020?

Did you know 2020 is the Centennial of women earning the right to vote?
We plan to find many ways to make it a celebratory year for women and girls, and SPREAD JOY! 

Connect.  Mentor.  Celebrate.  Spread Joy.

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