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Women’s Connection 2020

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Women were made for connection!

Join us for our launch on Friday, May 3 at 6pm in Stamford, CT, where women will connect to celebrate each other, to mentor, build community, and educate each other. Each women is an expert in her field, with a powerful message to share with her circle. Expanding that circle to women across our local, state, and national networks will enable women to create peace and collaborative communities everywhere. It starts in our own small area, but can expand quickly to a very large area.

It begins with a decision. Today I will celebrate and cheer for the women around me. I will not compete or divide. I will connect.

When I start my day, I will be grateful. I will forgive. I will cheer.

When I begin my work, I will look for ways to show joy. I will build up and personally share ways the women around me have succeeded. I will find their strengths and share these specific successes with the people who need to hear it. I will write little notes of encouragement, or long e-mails of praise. I will seek out mentors and be a listening mentee.

I will grow.

When I bless my family, I will smile. I will kiss. I will hug. I will succeed. I will make others laugh, give the benefit of the doubt. I will create future cheerleaders, future CEO’s, and future joy-makers, inside my own kitchen.

I will mentor women who will not help me make money, who are not in my family, who will not bring my anything in return, but love.

I will help young girls who need me in my community. I will find my purpose and live it. I will not apologize before I speak in a meeting. I will sing. I will succeed. I will donate my time and my love.

I will not despair. I will laugh with abandon.
I am a woman and I was made for this.
I will connect.

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